“The Scrap Army,” (originally called “Urvah Khan & The Scrap Army,”) is a Scrap/ Punk/ Indie/ Alternative Rock rock band, founded in 2010 by Canadian-Pakistani vocalist Urvah Khan.

Honing her sound with Canadian producer/ guitarist Ruben Huizenga since 2010 in Toronto, Canada, Khan returned to her country of birth in 2016 and debuted “The Scrap Army,” billed as “Pakistan’s first female-fronted English rock band.”

The Scrap Army’s sound, (known as “Scrap Rock,”) is a bold mash-up of Eastern & Western rock music styles.

Through a video that went viral on Facebook, Khan expressed her intentions to hold auditions for a full Pakistani line up, and try to grow a platform for more brown girls to get involved in rock music. This revolving lineup pulls from a pool of enthusiastic believers from varied locales within Pakistan.

(The Canadian live team consists of vocalist Urvah Khan, guitarist Ruben Huizenga, bassist Oscar Anesetti & Juwayon Clarke and drummer/ percussionists Ken Griffin and Aaron Spink.)

With a debut Pakistani show in Karachi at the Base Rock Cafe on anticipating a debut release in the summer of 2017.

Is Pakistan ready for Urvah Khan & The Scrap Army?

Event listing: https://www.facebook.com/events/186183118521552