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Urvah Khan @ The Bovine Sex Club (NXNE 2015 Review on RazMataz Magazine)

Everyone knew who Urvah Khan was when she came in the building: she stood out like a queen here. She described her music as something that was difficult to classify, varying from a rallying cry to chant along with to a fist-pumping gathering. From tribal expressions to a hard rock with that synthetic voice filter to something significantly more upbeat and playful, this music will electrify listeners. It can come across as over-the-top sometimes, but you get so involved in it that it doesn’t matter.

Urvah Khan started her show off with a soundbite from Wrath of Khan (1982) before ripping out some sick tunes. She’s a mistress of audience interaction, pumping up every joe and jane no matter their background. She’s one powerhouse bitch – I was loving every second of it, too. “War Drum” was an especially powerful track made more monstrous on the stage. She’s got some Nicki Minaj vibes to her, but unlike Minaj, she’s actually cool. Tribal expression run supreme with every note and archaic percussion, the guitars kept it modern.

People like Urvah Khan were the ones who made this night so much more memorable. Saturday at the Bovine Sex Club was bittersweet: it was the end, but it was THE end. NXNE at the Bovine couldn’t hope for a better celebration here tonight.

Stephanie Hughes