Pakistani-Canadian Woman Breaks Stereotypes With A Rendition Of Azaan
” – Viral News Desk

Urvah Khan is helping push the new frontier of Punk from Toronto to Pakistan!” – Bandana Singh; Noisey/ Vice

Urvah Khan is a) absolutely bonkers, b) really really exciting & c) If I were a betting man, I’d bet all my money on her.” – Bobby Friction; BBC Asian Network

She is a classic artist in many respects: whilst so many Asians “do music” for image, popularity, money or sex, Khan needs to express herself through music. Aside from her stunning looks, brash personality and inimitable style, she’s just such a frickin’ one-off” – Supercritic TV

Urvah Khan: The First of Something” – SOCAN

Consider her Canada’s answer to M.I.A. — with a voice all her own.” – OTM Blog

Scrappy Lil’ Brown Girl with Sabbath Roots and a Mission. A recording artist/performer who is attempting to do what nobody’s done before.” – Jeff Woods; Author of ‘Radio, Records & Rock stars’ & host of ‘Legends of Classic Rock’ on Q107FM

The Pakistani female punk rocker who’s defying all odds!” – TRIBUNE EXPRESS

This pint-sized punk rocker hopes to take Pakistan by storm” – FirstPost India

This Canadian-Pakistani Punk Rocker Is Showing Pakistan A Whole New Side Of Music!” – Parhlo

Urvah is; first ever female punk rock singer here in Pakistan and she is amazing!” – Shahzad Khan; World this Morning (Pakistan Television)

Everyone knew who Urvah Khan was when she came in the building: she stood out like a queen” – Razmataz Mag

Khan has developed a unique hybrid sound, fusing heavy rock with South Asian, HipHop & Electronic influences. This eclecticism and intensity should make for an unforgettable live experience.” – BLOG T.O.

Words cannot describe the type of music Urvah Khan is pumping out. Punk, hip hop, electronica and all mixed together with a South Asian base. Honestly, this music will blow your mind with the amount of energy and passion that is infused with every note.” – SCAD Radio (Savannah, GA)

Lights, music, and a world of punk; three things define the life of Canadian-Pakistani punk rocker Urvah Khan” – HIP in Pakistan

Khan is a fascinating artist to watch live and an avid advocate of on-stage energy, even pulling a fan on-stage to “scrap” with her.” – Women’s post

This is the quote of the year says George Strombo; ‘I wanted to make the kind of rock music that Brown women like me would want to listen to – Urvah Khan’ – GEORGE STROMBOULOPOULOS (CBC RADIO 2)

She rocks a fierce style all her own with a blonde Mohawk, piercings and tattoos, including one on her neck that reads “made in Pakistan, product of Canada.”‘ – Eroll Nazareth (CBC RADIO 1)

Khan is building a new music world out of broken pieces — one that’s inclusive and fearlessly feminist.‘ – Veronica Zaretski · CBC Arts

Onward & Upwards Scrappers.

Long Live Rock!

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